Mimica Automation, the world’s first completely automated task mining solution, and UiPath, the market leader in RPA, today announced their partnership to enable enterprises to automate faster, smarter, and with better results. Mimica is one of the only task mining companies to partner with UiPath.

When implemented successfully, RPA has the potential to be a truly transformative technology. Despite the promise, leaders often do not see their expected ROI due to three key challenges: discovery, speed, and quality.

To address these challenges head on, Mimica is proud to announce a partnership with UiPath. Mimica’s innovative task mining offering consists of two tools, Miner and Mapper. Miner identifies all automation opportunities across the enterprise and prioritizes them based on impact and ease of deployment. Mapper generates comprehensive process maps in 1 week with zero intervention required from the user. When combined with UiPath’s leading automation platform, enterprises will be able to quickly identify and automate the best automation opportunities, leading to better outcomes for employees and customers alike.

Mimica and UiPath seamlessly integrate as Mimica generates BPMN compliant diagrams that can be easily imported into UiPath.

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