Our mission is entrusting AI with the world’s monotonous digital work

Every year billions of hours of human creativity are wasted on repetitive work, such as data entry, form completion, and claim processing. At Mimica, we believe drudgery should be left to machines; humans deserve better. That's why we are developing a new paradigm for automation: our AI learns to perform tasks through observation.

Our software eliminates the need for teams of developers to explicitly program every action users perform, saving months of manual effort and hundreds of thousands of pounds in costs. We flip the traditional paradigm and make automation accessible to everyone.

Imagine your computer learning to take care of your work for you. That's the future we're building.

Our journey

Raphael and Tuhin co-found Mimica through Entrepreneur First, with the vision of building AI that can learn to automate repetitive computer work. We begin development of our first product, a process mapping tool that observes work and generates a flow diagram of the process.
Mimica raises its first round of seed financing through Episode 1 Ventures and grows its R&D team to 10 people. We slowly iterate our way to a repeatable sequence of data processing steps that can turn noisy clicks and keystrokes into accurate process maps.
After a few key technological breakthroughs, Mimica launches the first version of its process mapping product to critical acclaim from the market. We convert 100% of our pilots since the launch and begin closing our first enterprise clients.
Mimica closes its first enterprise clients and raises a Series A financing from Khosla Ventures. We begin building our sales and marketing functions while developing a 2nd product, Miner, which identifies new opportunities for automation at scale.

We are a group of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs working at the frontier of Intelligent Automation.

We are a team of neuroscientists, computational biologists, software engineers, machine learning experts, operators, and creatives from different nationalities with plans to grow to 100+ in the coming year.

We are hiring across disciplines and welcome people from all walks of life – academia, industry, or non-traditional backgrounds. We seek individuals with diverse perspectives and expertise who share our passion for new technologies and complex technical challenges.
Raphael Holca-Lamarre
Tuhin Chakraborty
Matthew Frampton
Lead Data Scientist
Colin Barnett
Enterprise Sales Director
Sam Pike
Software Engineering Manager
Justin Bewsher
Lead Data Scientist
Amarah Saleem
Lead Process Analyst
Viktoria Karathanasi
Head of People & Talent
Yevgen Chopovskyy
Senior Fullstack Engineer

Our investors & advisors

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