Scale your bot workforce.

Most of the work in your organization is waiting to be automated. Mimica records tens of thousands of desktops, discovers all automatable processes and generates blueprints for bots, slashing deploy times for automation projects.

Accelerating the deployment of RPA with AI

Discover new opportunities for automation

Mimica mines employee click and keystroke data in search of repetition, structure, and rule-based logic — all signifiers of high-quality automation opportunities. Deploy it across tens of thousands of employees at the click of a button to discover an untapped world of automation opportunity.

Significantly improve ROI, accuracy, & success rates

Mimica focuses automation teams on high ROI opportunities by ranking processes by what % of the process is automatable, and how easy it is to automate. Mimica pinpoints process steps which could be problematic for RPA or other automation technologies.

Deploy 10x more automation

Mimica generates accurate process documentation in one week, dramatically reducing time-to-deploy for automation projects. Accurate process documentation also reduces development time by up to 40%.

annual FTE savings
deploy success rate
“Mimica Mapper is easy to use and also the output is more accurate than any other process discovery tools.”
Jagruti Dama
Business Analyst, Hexaware
“[We] have compared/contrasted their solutions to key competitors and the sum of it is nobody can do what they can do which is capture/discover and “mimic” users tasks accurately and perfectly every time.”
Michael Shepherd
Distinguished Engineer, Artificial Intelligence
“Requirements gathering for RPA can and should be automated and Mimica is the clear leader in this space.”
Michael Harrison
Process Engineer, Wilson Perumal & Company

Key benefits with Mimica AI

Security. Simplicity. Speed. Value. These are the 4 pillars of our product, and every hour we invest in R&D improves Mimica along one of these axes. Our relentless dedication to these principles makes us unique in the market.

On-premise Deployment

World-class data security is vital to our product. All captured data is anonymized, and never leaves your company firewall.

1-week turnaround

Mimica generates maps in 1 week, so developers can start automating straightaway.

No-touch operation

Absolutely no manual effort required by clients to generate an output.

Automation metrics

With key metrics like % automatable and ease-of-automation, Mimica is tailor-made for automation teams.

Our long-term vision

Mimica is building AI that watches you do repetitive computer tasks and learns to execute them for you.
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